How are you all?

I’m doing ok, not been so great the last few days though due to allergies.

I guess i am allergic to the sun a little, everytime we go from winter to summer i get crazy eczema on my neck arms and face! i also get another rash under my skin, it sucks!

It completely makes me want to stay in and not go out, i am so aware of how bad my face looks that i prefer to stay indoors and hide away lol.

Luckily it’s clearing up now , however another burst of sun may bring it back so i have to be careful and not spend too much time in it, which again is not good!

My blogging has been on the back burner again as i am sure you have realised, i just don’t know what to share with you or what you want to read.

I should really just write down what i feel and do but when i read it back it never seems to make much sense and i delete it.

This post is going the same way but i won’t delete it as i wanted to say hi.

To sum it up:

In the last couple of weeks i’ve turned 26!, spent fun times with family and friends, had a bbq, celebrated, felt sorry for myself, visited a potential wedding reception venue, got mad, got upset, smiled plenty, worked hard and relaxed.

Here’s a few pictures….














Still here…


i havent been blogging lately, i’m hopeless at sticking to things.

Work has been very busy and things have been up and down in my life lately.

I’m currently not feeling great, all my allergies are playing up, feeling very itchy all over and stressed out over a few things.

So on a bit of a downer this week.

I’m hoping i will feel better and my allergies will calm down a bit as it’s my birthday this week so i need to cheer up.

Going to try and read a few blogs now.

Hope your all doing well 🙂