Happy mid-week i guess?

How are you today?

I’m good, had a busy day at work and done a little housework, not v.exciting really.

I’m now sitting in my living room freezing as my cat and rabbit keep running in and out playing.

Yes my pets rule the house, i love animals so much, i spoil my pets alot!

However today is getting chilly, i don’t know about where you all are but its forecast snow this evening going into tomorrow and you can feel the temperature starting to drop.

Today has been around 8C which isnt too bad really however we are expecting it to drop by ten degrees over night, leaving a frosty, snowy wet morning tomorrow, i am so not looking forward to my half 5 alarm clock going off, it’s the worst trying to get out of bed in the cold weather.

Its quite sunny out at the moment though, i think winter sun is lovely, if only i had some pictures to show you.

I should get back into taking photo’s, seems life gets in the way of life these days.

Does that even make sense? lol.

It does to me.

Anyhow i hope you all wrap up if your weather forecast is similar and if not have a good evening anyways.

Take care




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