Blogging failure


I keep doing this, forgetting about my blog!

Firstly quick catch up, lots has happened, time has passed, events have unfolded and somehow we are now in the year i get married!?!

Not just that but less then 9 months away!

Time sure flies when your having fun? lol i have not been having fun all the time of course, but i think the months are flying by now and i have to remember i am only doing this once so it’s got to be a good fun experience for me. Or at least that’s what i would like.

I am currently in the excited stage, just before christmas i was in the panic stage, but i am slowly getting things done now.

I have my church, my venue, my decorations,my car, my bridesmaids dresses and in February i am wedding dress shopping!

It’s all coming together :).

Actually thinking about it all i still feel panicked aha.

Anyhow…before i become a bridezilla and just talk weddings, weddings, weddings, i would like to say a belated Happy New Year!

I hope your holiday season was great and santa brought you all you wished for ;).

And i hope if you made any new years resolutions you are still sticking to them!

I never made any as i always break them however i am meant to be on a wedding diet now so i guess that could kind of be one. Apart from i only started this week. Oops!

You will notice i ramble alot.

I type how i talk and i sometimes don’t make much sense.

My grammar is terrible too so you shall just have to make of me what you will and try and follow along.

If you want to of course.

Anyways i shall try and get back into my blogging, that should be my new years resolution! aha.

Take care all, see you around





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