Daily prompt – Monday

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?


I used to be a night owl, i’d stay up until the early hours, watching movies, playing games etc.

However when i started working this all changed, i have quite early starts so i have got used to getting up very early and going to bed very early.

It’s rare i get past half nine these days.

Sometimes if i have an hour’s nap in the day that helps, but at 25 that just makes me feel old lol.

My most productive time of the day is the morning, it’s when i do the most and best work, as the day goes on it’s easy to lose motivation but home time always keeps me going.


I haven’t posted the last day or two as i’ve been so busy, visiting family, work and housework, i can’t wait for some days off.

Hope your all well and had a lovely Easter.

Take care




2 thoughts on “Daily prompt – Monday

  1. I’ve always been an early bird myself. While I was able to stay up later in my.. umm.. younger years. The fact I pulled an all-nighter a few months back for my stag floored me (must’ve been the booze).

    What does make things interesting is that my wife is a night-owl. I’m up early and she’s sleeping until noon. I’m in bed by 10pm and she rolls in around 2am. Apparently opposites attract?

    • Lol i feel a night out these days too! Me and my partner both work early so we go to bed at pretty much the same time, however on a weekend i stay up later than him watching movies and relaxing he is always shattered no matter the day so goes to sleep on the couch or just goes to bed, thanks for stopping by again 🙂

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