Daily Prompt – Only Sixteen

Tell us all about the person you were when you were sixteen. If you haven’t yet hit sixteen, tell us about the person you want to be at sixteen.


When i was sixteen, i was happy to of left official school and started sixth form.

I enjoyed it much more than the normal years, mainly as people had grew up so much, they weren’t so nasty and those who were had all left, so it was a much more fun time.

I had also been with my fiance for less than a year so it was all new and a scary but exciting experience.

I was really enjoying life, spent plenty of time with friends and made the most of the weekends.

I was bubbly, young, happy and free.

No bills, stress or worries on my mind.

Along with my childhood, this is a time i greatly miss and one of my favourite years.

Of course i was eager to grow up back then, i couldn’t wait until i was 18!

Those were the days, here’s a few pics…





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