Monday catch up…


How are you all?

I’m okay, todays been busy but not as bad as last Monday lol.

I havent been up to much other than a catch up with my besties, relaxing and doing a bootsale, this month has been an expensive one with the extra vet bills so i decided to have a clear out and make a bit of cash, which will really come in handy 🙂

I havent done much wedding wise, just browsed a few bits and bobs online but that’s all.

I am meant to be on a diet from today, but it’s difficult with lots of choc in the house for easter, what a time to start a diet lol.
I really do need to get in shape though, i’m feeling so sluggish ( is that a word?) lately.

I am also meant to take tablets for my b12 vitamins, but i always forget, my memory scares me sometimes as i really forget everything.
I shall take my tablet once i am off the computer though, honest!

Have you been up to much?
Have you got anything planned for the weekend/easter?

Take Care





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