Bad week…


I cannot wait until this week is done with,i’ve got a poorly cat, poorly neck as i have lay on it strange, got caught in the rain Monday and yes i like rain but i literally couldn’t see and had to lift my coat over my head every now and then to wipe my eyes! And work is so busy, it’s draining me, not to mention people’s attitudes and nastiness i sometimes have to deal with.

I have a feeling next week isn’t going to be much better though at work as more staff are annual leave meaning more work.

It just gets a bit stressful sometimes, i am still grateful to have a job though.

Anyhow enough of me ranting, how are you?
i sure hope your week is going better than mine.

I haven’t been updating you on my wedding stuff lately but that’s as i haven’t sorted alot out.

I have got the perfect gifts for my bridesmaids though, i know it’s early but i figured these little costs will all add up so i might aswell get them now. This was before all the vet fees of course, i am now wishing i had waited a little bit, but these things happen and my pets are worth it.

I’ve been looking online at dresses too and venues, as my birthday is approaching i have a few days booked of, as does my partner so were going to hopefully go visit the church and a few venues then :).

Fingers crossed the date we want will be available.

Take Care





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