Wedding plans…

So we’re planning a winter wedding, not because the summer is too expensive in fact money has nothing to do with this decision.

Our reasoning is mainly my reasoning, partly because i love the rain and dull weather, aha surprised?
Most people don’t believe me but it’s true i prefer to be cosy inside with a mug of hot chocolate all snug with nowhere to go and good films on the tv. However i do also love to be out in the sun with a refreshing drink catching a few rays, the sun just doesn’t like me.

As soon as spring is in the air my allergies are terrible, they used to just be in the spring when the flowers are in full bloom and the suns starting to heat up, but the last few years my skin seems to just not like the sun at all.  This is the main reason for a winter wedding as my skin is fine all winter and i don’t feel horrible, i suffer with eczema and dry skin so much some days i don’t want to go out. This would be a big problem on my wedding day lol.

So a cooler wedding is what we will have and if it rains then i shall be happy and if its sunny i shall be happy and if it’s both then we get a rainbow and that would make my day 😉 lol.

What are your views on winter weddings? Should i be worried the weather may be too bad for people to travel? or people won’t make an effort to travel if the weather is bad?

Take Care





2 thoughts on “Wedding plans…

  1. I think a winter wedding will be beautiful! If people don’t like it, or won’t make the effort to travel then they aren’t worth your time! Loves x

    • Thanks nicky 🙂 I guess that’s true, i’m not too worried about people travelling in bad weather, either way it would be less nerves for me as it’s standing in front of people i don’t like aha loves xx

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